Installing Belloo

Start building high-quality dating website with the tech you know and love.

1- Upload the main zip file 
Upload the main zip file with all the files to your hosting 
2- Unzip the file 
Unzip the file in the place you want to install the script 
3- Create database 
With your hosting cpanel, WHM or plesk create a database for the script 
4- Go to your domain / run installer 
Go to your domain and you will be redirected to the installer, and then just follow the steps

Installation note:
Possible htaccess problem (404 not found) - After login
If you have installed belloo software in a subfolder and after loggin you get 404 not found, please open .htaccess file and update RewriteBase / to your folder name for fix it
Last modified on Oct 24, 2019
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