Connect with Facebook

How to connect with Facebook

This article will help you create the Facebook login for your site.

If you have already created your Facebook Login app please skip to the second section.

    1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com

    2. Create an account if you don't have one or log in with your Facebook account

    3. Once you are logged in click on my apps in the top right corner

    4. Click add a new app. A pop-up window should appear.

    5. Type the app display name eg: "My awesome app"

    6. Enter the email address of your choice. 5.png

    7. Click create app. You may be asked to pass a security check

    8. On the left menu click Settings, then on the drop-down click basic

    9. In App Domains enter your website address without the "www" and without "https"

    10. Scroll down to the bottom and click add platform

    11. Click website

    12. In the site URL enter your address with the "https" or "www"

    13. click save.

    14. Sometimes you would be asked to provide the privacy URL and terms URL enter these to your privacy and terms URL

    15. Click save in left side menu click + next to the project

    16. Choose set up on the Facebook Login

    17. Choose web from the options

    18. Make sure the site URL is correct, then click Save and continue

    19. In the left menu click Facebook Login then settings

    20. Enter https://yourwebsiteaddress/social.php?page=fb

    21. Click save

    22. In the top bar turn the switch from off to on to make your app active.

Now you have your Facebook login complete we need to get it to work with your site.

  1. Go to your Facebook Login app

  2. In the left-hand menu click basic

  3. Copy the App ID

  4. Now go to your Admin Panel

  5. Click Plugins in the left menu

  6. Choose Social Auth

  7. Click Facebook Connect settings

  8. Paste the App ID into the Facebook App ID

  9. Go back to your Facebook Login App

  10. To get your App secret key click show

  11. You may need to enter your password to show the key

  12. Once revealed copy the key

  13. Back on your admin panel paste the secret key into the Facebook secret

  14. Click the switch above to enable the Facebook login

You should now be able to have your users create an account using their Facebook accounts.

Last modified on Oct 31, 2019
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