Installing Live Streaming Plugin

Requires Belloo 4.2 or higher

1- Upload the plugin zip file to your hosting/server
Upload the main zip file with all the files to your the root location where the belloo software is installed (near index.php)

2- Unzip the file
Unzip the file, make sure the file is located in the root directory where belloo software is installed, it has to be in the same directory where is the index.php file

3- Run the SQL file
Access to your database where belloo software is installed, you can do it with phpMyAdmin and import the sql file live.sql

Thats all, you will be able to access to the plugin settings now from the admin panel / plugin section / software category

-To get the live streaming working you will need a account
Click here get your account if you dont have one already

-For use this plugin you must have Belloo version 4.2 or higher installed
Last modified on Feb 15, 2020
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