Why videocall is not working?

We have tested many times our videocall system and its working ok but not for all devieces

For our videocall plugin in order to make it always FREE for all we used the technology provided by  https://peerjs.com/ and we managed to connect it to our website version and mobile version successfully, however some devieces are getting bad connection between some different browsrs or deviece type

It work almost perfect in laptops and computers, also works in some mobile devieces but not all we cant ensure which one is working or not but we are sure that the implementation of the videocall is correct in our system 

In other note after our software version 4.2.X or higer heroku server is no longer needed in order to get the videocall so you are using a version higer that the mention above you dont need to setup a HEROKU server for the videocall

The only requirement to get videocall working is active SSL in your domain

We apologies if you are unhappy with our solution for videocalling but its a FREE for ever solution, we might add a new plugin using some other third party for videocalling that will require extra payment but for sure will have better connectivity between devieces

Last modified on May 18, 2020
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